Maine Aquaculture – Innovation Center

Who We Are


The Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center was established in 1988 by the Maine Legislature with a mission to assist in developing economically and environmentally sustainable aquaculture opportunities in Maine. MAIC sponsors and facilitates innovative research and development projects involving food, pharmaceuticals, and other products from sustainable aquatic systems; invests in the enhancement of aquaculture capacity in Maine; serves as a source of educational information to enhance public visibility and acceptance of aquaculture; and encourages strategic alliances tasked with promoting research, technology transfer, and the commercialization of aquaculture research.

What We Do

Sampling of 20 ongoing research projects:

  • Pioneering GIS for shellfish site selection
  • Developing low cost environmental data buoy
  • Optimizing seaweed culture methods
  • Vaccine development for finfish diseases
  • Developing rapid detection methods for oyster MSX disease

Increasing Maine’s aquaculture and marine research capacity:

  • Constructed an algal production facility at the Darling Marine Center (funded by the Marine Research Fund)
  • Oceanographic instrumentation lending program to assist aquaculture enterprises to identify optimal culture sites along our coast (funded by the Marine Bond Fund)
  • Renovated a 12,000 ft2 aquaculture business incubator at the CCAR (funded by MTAF)
  • Renovated the DMC Marine Culture Laboratory for business incubation
Business incubation:

  • 750K establishment grant to construct two incubatorfacilities at Darling and CCAR
  • Provide business development and support servicesto incubator tenants (with support from the DECD)
  • Currently renovating an additional laboratory for business incubation at the Darling Center

Training and education:

  • Partnered with the Aquaculture in Shared Waters Project fisheries retraining program
  • Developed several aquaculture curricula for multiple grade levels
  • Host the Northeast Aquaculture Conference & Exposition, held biennially throughout New England since 1998.

MAIC’s mission is to assist in developing economically and environmentally sustainable aquaculture opportunities in Maine.

Source: Maine Aquaculture – Innovation Center

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