A MYSTERY: An Ancient Boat Lighting System?

Antique Boat Light from the Bay of Fundy

Have you ever seen anything like this?

This strange item was found by a fish dragger working the Bay of Fundy bottom in the vicinity of West Isles, Charlotte County, NB. It consists of a large circular wax candle held in a leather and metal device that allows the candle to be hung up for illumination.

We assume this was used in an old fishing boat or, perhaps, something more ancient. So far we have been unable to find any similar objects. An origin and date are equally elusive.

Please let us know if you have any ideas about this unique find. Contact: admin @ archiveatlantic.com

First posted By Art MacKay January 24, 2015. Reported December 2018


2 thoughts on “A MYSTERY: An Ancient Boat Lighting System?

  1. Fire fishing basket replacement instead of the basket holding in the brush for fire that would attract the fish. the wax would hold the fire bundle together by sticking the larger pieces into the wax and form a basket.


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