ISSUE – LNG: Looking back on the 10 years battle to stop LNG development in Passamaquoddy Bay

Lessons learned while protecting one of the Fundy areas most important areas

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Occupying the shared border between Canada and the United States, Head Harbour Passage, Friars Roads, Western Passage, Passamaquoddy Bay, Cobscook Bay and St. Croix River Estuary are contiguous and form critical and unique habitat for substantial populations of marine mammals, some of which are either endangered or on lists of concern in one or all of the jurisdictions that cover the Quoddy Ecosystem. In addition the diversity of marine life in the area is well known and the area is identified as critical for birds and many species of marine invertebrates. This is a presentation submitted to the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The issues identified will be similar to other localities along the east coast.

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