STORMS: What if Hurricane Patricia Struck the Fundy Area?

There have been horrendous storms in the past. What impacts can we expect today?

Brothers George and Peter McVicker who died in the Saxby Gale on October 4th, 1896


It was 149 years ago on October 5th that the Saxby Gale devastated the coast of the Bay of Fundy. Today storms of increasing intensity are beginning to appear as a result of increasing ocean temperatures. In fact, the most intense storm recorded struck Mexico in 2015. But what if Patricia had struck the Bay of Fundy area, home of the ancient and troublesome nuclear power plant at Point Lepreau, NB? Would it be as described below? Or worse? Consider the risks today with a nuclear power plant perched on the edge of the Bay of Fundy at Point Lepreau.

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