ENERGY: The Sun Builders – Opportunities Lost – The Ark

Sustainability? Have we forgotten lessons from the past? Or is big really better?

In 1976, The New Alchemy Institute launched “The Ark” at Spry Point, PEI. Radical and innovative techniques showed the promise of combining alternate energy with food production even in a north temperate zone. The word is that this promising research development was ultimately closed as a result of conflicts with less creative minds. (From The Sun Builders, Renewable Energy in Canada, 1978)

Conceived in Massachusetts by the New Alchemist, this revolutionary structure was built in Prince Edward Island, Canada with the support of the Canadian Government under Pierre Elliot Trudeau, father of Canada’s current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Spry Point, PEI today.

Get the book at Amazon: The Sun Builders, Renewable Energy in Canada



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