THE VIKING AND THE WABANAKI: The Secret World Revealed?

From The Darkness War – The Secret World

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see. Picture

A runestone stands on Solomon Island. The Vikings came to Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Labrador a thousand years ago. This is known to your archaeologists.
But did they come to New England? This is disputed. And yet the runestone still stands. Occasionally fair-haired children are born to the native tribes, and a few of the elders will look to one another knowingly. The stone shouts Norse runes for those with eyes to hear.

Read the entire article and play the game here: The Darkness War – The Secret World


Kingsmouth, Maine — from the world of “The Secret World”

Since this post first went up, some astute readers (see comments below) also pointed out another fictional Maine video game town I missed: Kingsmouth.

“The Secret World” is what they call a MMORPG in video game parlance — a “massively multiplayer online role-playing game.” Simply put, it’s a game that thousands of players from around the world can play together online, taking on different personas and moving around a common world.

In this 2012 cult favorite from Funcom, players must choose which of three shadowy societies to be an agent for: The Illuminati, the Templars or the Dragons.

One of the playable locations in the world of “The Secret World” is Kingsmouth, described as a town on the northeastern portion of the fictional Solomon Island, itself off the coast of northeastern Maine.

If I had to find similarities between Kingsmouth and a real Maine town, I might choose Bar Harbor — on the northeastern portion of Mount Desert Island, off the coast of northeastern Maine.

Both towns are also near mountains. Kingsmouth is bordered by Blue Mountain, while Bar Harbor is close to Cadillac Mountain. Both are tourist towns that have played host to major power brokers — the Rockefeller and Astor families were among the influential people in American history to frequent Mount Desert Island.

Kingsmouth was written to be founded by an English settler in 1667, while Bar Harbor wasn’t settled by Europeans until nearly a century later. But maybe the video game’s old 1796 Wayfarer Tavern, which plays an important role in the story, is a subtle nod to Bar Harbor’s incorporation as a town that year. (Bangot Daily News)


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