SHIPWRECKS: The Tragic Fate of the HMS Bounty and its 1960 Replica

The Tragic Fate of the HMS Bounty and its Replica 


The Story

The original HMS Bounty was built in 1784 and purchased by the British Navy in 1787. Her story is long and stormy filled with conflict, mutiny and more. She was burned by mutineers, 23 January 1790. 

Hurricane Sandy

The reconstructed Bounty (1960) was commissioned by the Metro Goldwyn Mayer film studio for the 1962 film Mutiny on the Bounty. She was the first large vessel built from scratch for a film using historical sources. Previous film vessels were fanciful conversions of existing vessels. Bounty was built to extrapolated original ship’s drawings from files in the British Admiralty archives, and in the traditional manner by more than 200 workers over an 8 month period at the Smith and Rhuland shipyard in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

The HMS Bounty 1960 toured the east coast and on 25 October 2012, the vessel left New London, Connecticut, heading for St. Petersburg, Florida, initially going on an easterly course to avoid Hurricane Sandy. She was unable to withstand the storm and ultimately sunk. Fourteen people were rescued from life rafts. The storm had washed the captain and two crew overboard—one of the latter had made it to a life raft, but the other two were missing. Claudene Christian, one of the two missing crew members and who claimed to be related to HMS Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian, was found by the Coast Guard. She was unresponsive, and later pronounced dead at a hospital. The captain was never found. (Modified after Wikipedia)

Some of us were fortunate to visit the HMS Bounty (1960) when she toured the east coast. My visit was at St. Andrews, NB where some of the following pictures were taken. The aerial at the St. Andrews wharf is by Tim Foulkes. Additional photos from Wikipedia.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”8″ display=”basic_slideshow”]Wikibook

The following 40 page Wikibook covers the amazing history of the original HMS Bounty, the mutiny, and the creation and tragic fate of the replica 1960 Bounty. An interesting read.

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