ISSUES: Details of the Campobello Ferry Study

Campobello Island does not have year around direct access to the Canadian mainland. The following presentation provides an outline of a recent study carried out to determine the best way to resolve this problem.

Allow enough time for the flipbook to load or access the PDF here.

[3d-flip-book mode=”fullscreen” urlparam=”fb3d-page” pdf=””%5D

If you wish, you can contact the local representatives to urge them to proceed on with the proposed solutions immediately.

MLA Greg Thompson: Phone : (506) 453-3124, Fax : (506) 453-6389,Email :

MLA Andrea Anderson Mason: Phone : (506) 453-3992, Fax : (506) 453-3461, Email :

MP Karen Ludwig: Telephone: 506-466-3928, Fax: 506-466-2813,


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