EXPLORE: The Quoddy Region where something “magical” happens.

The Passamaquoddy Area of the Bay of Fundy is one of the most important on the east coast.



When billions of tons of water rush in and out through Head Harbour Passage twice each day, something magical happens. This tremendous force creates lots of action including massive currents, upwellings, tidal fronts that sweep through like a giant hand and the Old Sow Whirlpool, the largest whirlpool in the Northern Hemisphere located off the southern tip of Deer Island

The waters funnel through the dozens of passages concentrating the plankton from the open Bay of Fundy and creating a huge abundance of food for bottom dwelling animals that feed on the passing abundance. These so-called benthic creatures also produce eggs and plankton larvae and spew them into the water creating a localized increase in plankton and productivity that makes the Quoddy Region a one-of-a-kind biological phenomenon; an area so rich in life that it has supported humans for over 10,0000 years. This Quoddy “nutrient pump” is one of the most important environmental engines on the eastern seaboard. In fact, Quoddy marine life is so spectacular that thousands of visitors come each year just to see this natural wealth and fishermen, tourist operators, and fish farmers enjoy a billion dollar “eco-economy”.

Learn more about the fabulous Quoddy Area of the Bay of Fundy and consider going there to explore.

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