HISTORY: Medicine on Grand Manan Island a Century Ago

If this is even nearly true, times have changed considerably.

This story from Harper’s Magazine 1903, captures some of the island flavour and state of medicine a century ago. Seems times have changed considerably. But I wonder … was it really like this. What do you think?

Give the following flipbook time to load so you can review the content quickly and easily.

Enlarge to full screen to get the full benefit of this presentation. Then download it free for your personal or group use.

No flipbook showing?

Click here to access the PDF.

[3d-flip-book mode=”fullscreen” urlparam=”fb3d-page” pdf=”https://archiveatlantic.files.wordpress.com/2018/12/43a0e-at-the-turn-of-the-tide-harpers-1903-sm.pdf”%5D



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